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"JoreJj, I really want to say "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart for your generosity, warmth, kindness and your spirit for helping others navigate their life. I am so very grateful to have found your websites and to you for your help and for passing on your knowledge and deep understanding. Thank you once again."

Citrine and Selenite
Citrine is for Generating Positive Cash Flow


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UPDATE: Our NEW Kindle Book, "Spiritually Generating Real Money" is now available on Amazon for $9.99 USD. Click here. That book contains a link to the full Ultra Money Manifesting program sold here on this page. So you can buy the book to get this program, AND MUCH MORE, or you can buy the program here below on this page for $4.69 USD without getting the book, your choice. Enjoy. You don't need a Kindle device to read the Kindle book, it can work on any device using the free Kindle reader. Click here to subscribe to the Elprehzleinn websites now and you receive the 25 minute "Life Transformation Audio File" and other gifts.

smoky quartz

If you choose to buy this program the main thing it recommends you to do is to work with the Shreem Kleem Brzee mantra which you can pronounce in your mind or out loud or watch the video given on this page repeatedly. The program provides links to videos that describe the how and why of using this mantra for spiritually generating money. The program also provides you with a combination of free and paid links to audios, videos, and other products and services which we have found are extraordinarily helpful and effective tools to help a person make the inner changes spiritually that can result in a change on the outside in the financial circumstances. An example is the free full set of Forgiveness triliminal audios which you can get now by clicking here.



One of the other intentions of this Ultra Money Manifesting program in addition to helping you know how to manifest money by changing your attunement and resonance about money spiritually is the intention that people don't have to pay much for this program. So that you can try it and if it works for you that can be a way of having new money to use for buying or contributing to other programs you might want to try on this site. Also we want to help people to work out their money success elegantly and have a way to do that, so we feel we are providing that here with excellence. Enjoy and benefit fully. With Peace and Love, JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn


The secret to gaining the inner transformation using the movie below to engender the outward manifestation of financial well-being and financial success according to your highest consciousness and your exact life path includes the repetition factor. If you watch the movie below then during the two minutes it plays before your eyes you and your brain and subconscious mind will see and be immersed in the financial well-being mantra "Shreem Kleem Brzee" repeated about 1800 times. This definitely can smoothly and easily carve through many obstacles and assist to structure the financial well-being resonance beautifully. This movie helps you build up lots of repetitions. This movie includes Ho'oponopono. If you click the bottom right corner to go to YouTube to watch it there you can read more instructions about it and how to put it on repeat and full screen and about the possible harmony and healing in the Solfeggio musical soundtrack. Peacefully, with Love Itself, I present this wonderful tool for your inner transformation and outer financial well-being thus to follow as Buddha says, "like the cart follows the horse". Joy. Fun. Happiness. @JoreJjZ

NEW! Click here to see and feel the artwork and animation of "Goddess Kamala" and enjoy her powers to eliminate poverty.

AND: The Ultra Money Manifesting program now includes a 4 minute audio of JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn doing the Shreem Kleem Brzee mantra. Just listening to that audio over and over again could be all that it takes to make this work for you. JoreJj has never released himself saying this mantra. It's very powerful. You get the audio included with the $4.69 program you can enroll below on this page, or buy the Kindle book and the link to this program is also included.

AND THUS TRANSFORM THE WORLD FINANCIAL SITUATION FOR THE BETTER. People need money and want money and this site is to help realize the secret how to use the law of attraction, the law of resonance and sound vibration combined with the power of your mind to spiritually realize the way to do something when you are saying, "I want money", "I need money". When you are wondering what is the law of attraction and how can I apply it now when you are saying, "how can I get more money". At some level you know the secret is within, it has something to do with the law of attraction and yet you want to know exactly how it works and how to apply it to get money. With this program you can give it a try and feel it works for you and you experience and know how it works exactly by doing it yourself. We are here to help when you are saying, "help me get money". We are saying, "how can you get more money money now" is answered by getting into spiritual ways of setting up frequency vibrations that lead to money ideas and money manifestations and we also have more ways to spiritually help you with the situation of how to get the money. Your prayer for money is answered and we are here to help you make even stronger and more effective prayers for money now.

the key to improving your mind power

How to get money now is an excellent question.
This program helps you answer that spiritually, which helps you manifest that materially. Your prayer for money is answered.


Click here to get access to the full Ultra Money Manifesting program to spiritually help you with the situation of how to get the money.


You may ask how to get the money, help me get more money, how do I get the money and we say you deserve more money.You are worthy and now capable of manifesting more money due to you are here. This program works to manifest more money and thus you are capable to manifest more money by following all or even some of the steps in this program. And we are here to help get the money spiritually. This is not about philosophy. This is about having your prayers for money answered.


Locate the click here link provided in the paragraph just above or below and you can now enroll to get to see the full 8 components of this complete Ultra Money Manifesting program. Enroll and you get the instructions what to do, and you get to write us, call us, or social media us if you need more help using the program. Some of the components of the program are free. The most potent components are free but you must pay the access fee to get them. The free components that help you get the money you need via your spirituality may be the most potent and we are here to help you apply the steps to get the money from using your spirituality to generate the money from within you into where you need it in the bank and so on. We personally use the free components of this program the most ourselves.


We want you to know that if you choose to do the program that no matter how many or how few components you choose to work with you can have us personally help you. We want you to know that our personal support via phone, Skype, e-mail, or social media while you work with the program is available and can greatly boost your results and make it easier to know what to do exactly for you.

how to get money now spiritually Om Mani Padme Hum
Everything is manifesting with the aid of the Supreme Being from within where it is more real into the illusion. How to get the money is done spiritually like everything else. You get it inside, you get it outside. We help you how to get the money spiritually. Om Mani Padme Hum

You can contact us through our home page at Elprehzleinn.com or using the contact information below for phone, Skype, e-mail, or social media to help to use this program to make money spiritually, to find out how and where to get money from inner insights, to get the money from the law of attraction working for you to experience getting the money.


Click here
to get started with this spiritual program immediately.


How can I get money and how to get money are questions you need an answer to. Those answers are within and can come to you using this program and our help.


How to get money now is an excellent question. This program provides a viable answer that most every body can employ with success. We are here to help you spiritually getting money. Everything is from the inside out. No exceptions. Whatever you pray for gets answered. Your prayers for money are answered and this program helps you to pray for money with excellence and to otherwise use your spiritual powers in a purely benevolent manner to help you get money.


You deserve money, you need money, you want money, and that is the same as embracing life, the life the way it is in our world today. This is about taking spiritual steps to feel great about living in this world now, and being great in your life for the highest benevolence for all concerned with Love Itself helping you get money using your spirituality with full force in your financial life.


Your prayers for money are answered. Sound vibrations combined with subtle spiritual vibrations are fundamental components of the law of attraction and the law of resonance. This program works on those principles to greatly help bring financial gains and financial means in other words: to get the money.


With Peace, Joy, and Love Itself,

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn


I consciously intend that my vibrations resonate with Shreem Kleem Brzee and all  else that I consciously intend for my life so let it be with harm to none and with my higher self with me



"Thank you for sending a free pass to the audios. You are truly amazing as are the programs you've put together! I appreciate your kindness and generosity.

I re-check the program page to make sure I'm doing things correctly and have the right components in place. And it was a good thing too. I noticed I missed the "Ganesh Mantra" - Obstacle Buster. I download it, and am so taken with it. From the very first play, I felt something move within and around me. Descriptive words would be as though something or things were being dislodged from within and around my head. I know something good was and still is happening. I also played Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Buddhist mantra whilst chanting "Shreem Kleem Brzee" as prescribed. I just *feel* things happening in a good way.

I have Universal Goodness as my screen saver but changed it around the time I emailed you to 'Remove All Obstacles'. I didn't do this consciously. I just liked the meaning behind the image when I read it, that's why I changed it!

I really only started chanting and playing the mantras in the last few days. I give full credit to your program, the images, sounds and obviously the program I'm enrolled on. Thank you so much. Now I have tangible proof of how powerful this program is and what is possible (and more) from doing the steps regularly and with heart. The above outcome was such a surprise and so effortless. I am amazed, can you feel my smile?

When I look throw the program page, I notice things I missed 1st, 2nd time readings. I will probably look there again and *notice* something I hadn't seen before. :) - I like that though, like a very large gift with layers of wrapping to peel away!

I just want to say a massive "Thank You" for everything and look forward to letting you know about massive financial successes and life successes.

Thanks for pointing this out to me. I listen to this also. I do my best to get all my listening in. Saturating my mind, body, spirit and senses with everything can only be a good thing. As I listen and re-read the program page, a realisation came to me - I'm being cleansed inner and outer to clear away all lack, financial or otherwise from my whole being. Everything I read, see, listen to vibrates with high positive energy, in this immediate case it is money/financial. But I get there's other good benevololent energy included, like good health, opportunities, love. I love that you thought through thoroughly everything you put forward in money manifesting program, and all your other programs no doubt.

I notice that *feelU* something when I listen to the recordings, I know I've said it's like something being dislodged, but today it now feels like a head is buzzing, and my chest feels light, I feel light, tired even. I am looking forward to emailing again saying a substantial amount of money has been gained/showed up/won/earned/given/found/....

I also love that you say to have "fun" with it. That's so key. Not getting to serious and caught up in it all. Allowing yourself (me) to be flexable while knowing the 'goods' will show up makes it that life continues as usual and that there is no sense of impatience attached to the results. I get it." J.D.

What if you could transform your finances like this woman has transformed her body?


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JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn
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Life Transformation System A-Z- This is book 1 of the Life Transformation System A-Z trilogy. This is the latest version of our world famous home study course that has transformed lives by conscious awareness and effective, practical application of the power of thought and how to use it in a full program for mind improvement that is unbelievable what can be accomplished in 9 weeks. Now in a format that looks and works so well on your mobile device, and or your computer.

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"This book is truly a life changer! The steps guide you gently to manifesting the life your soul desires. A book to learn from and to keep for a lifetime. I used the Life Transformation System many years ago. I am so happy to see it in Kindle format. Now I always have it with me. I strongly encourage you to take the first step toward a better, happier life. It worked for me!"

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"I read the book and did all the exercises. This book has been the best self help book I have read in quite a while. The benefits are somehow immediate as you transform the way you look at things. I am happy I came across it, I recommend it to everyone seeking for a better life." A.

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This is book 3 of the Life Transformation System A-Z trilogy. The comprehensive guide to using our ClearTalk method fully. Includes instructions and ideas that have never been explained in any of our other books or materials and maybe not anywhere else in the world, not like this.

"This was concise and coherent information and passion expressed beautifully. The components were offered without hesitation and I felt a current of love running through the words, a love for all to experience the magic of creating our own reality and taking mindful charge of our own lives. And a conscious feeling of creating with intentions of the higher good for all, is much felt, and appreciated. Thank you. :)" T. T.

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Advanced Win List: How To Generate Success In All Areas of Your Life Using Only One List
This is an advanced module to Life Transformation System A-Z. This book adds an excellent enhancement for people that have done Life Transformation System A-Z. However it is also a very powerful book on it's own and can work extremely well for people that only read this book and never do or did the others. We are very pleased to have this for you now.

Advanced Win List book cover

"The idea in this book is how to do a particular kind of list, using a particular word formula and methodology and then to focus on your list regularly in a certain way. This book can be a miracle for some body who actually does what is describes to do with the one list" - JoreJj Z.

Click the book cover image above here to buy the book on Amazon now. You can read it on any phone or mobile device or tablet or computer with the free Kindle reader.



Spiritually Generating Real Money
Actual technique for how to do it. Also includes the full "Ultra Money Manifesting" program access and more.

"I absolutely love this book. It actually explains everything you need to know about how to use your mind to Spiritually Generate Real Money, that no other book or movie or seminar has ever actually explained to you of what your mind does to either generate money or stop you from generating money. How you can set your mind actually free from stopping you from having, receiving, earning, accepting, embracing, and more anything your heart desires of Spiritually Generating Real Money. We all talk about MIRACLES: this is bringing MIRACLES into your life by going deep within to understand how you, yourself can bring forth those MIRACLES you are seeking of REAL MONEY." A.R.

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Dreams & Your Subconscious Mind
Once you just somehow in some way admit and allow that your subconscious mind is perfectly capable of taking you over and is already doing so more than likely whether you know it or not the second thing is to realize your power in the relationship is your ability to make choices. Now when do you actually make choices and then that is actually what happens?

Excerpt: "The intention of this book is to share just a few ideas that come from decades of experience in this incarnation in this body of mine in this current lifetime of being this way, and having this way that I am become highly trained. The leader of the 2 year "communications" course that I took told me that she didn't know what I was going to be doing in the future of my life but I was going to be working with people and I might as well learn how to do it right."

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Destiny Services -how much more you can know about the forces that seem to have so much power over your life and how your conscious awareness of them can truly support your life to be more excellent in every way, often quickly and dramatically.

Life Transformation System A-Z -more and more of what you focus on. How to imagine with powerful effectiveness.

Invocative Affirmation Empowerment Script (with "optional full program") -stop what's stopping you by commanding your great powers to align with your conscious intentions rather than against them. From anywhere in the world via Skype. In residence version of this program may be available in certain cases.




Life Transformation Audio FileSex, Financial Matters, Love, and Magic -how addressing the things you didn't learn in school can tap into previously unavailable resources for your life improvement and pleasure and enjoyment and freedom to have, do, and be truly you.



Invocative AffirmationLove Story Magic-your story has power. You can change your love story and reset it to improve and thus generate a new improved love life.



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Ultra Money Manifesting-when your question is, "how do I get the money" and you want to know how to do that "spiritually".



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